Saving Granthill

This is a story adventure that includes three lands:

South Granthill, Asher’s Studio and Cinema

Fan page links:  South Granthill, Asher’s Studio, Cinema

Useful information:

The story adventure will be available for 30 days after you first visit it. So you can start this adventure when you're ready for it.

You can't use your partner's help in story locations.

Your home storage is available in all story locations, and you don't need to transport the valuables you collect, they go directly to your storage.

 ❗️❗️❗️ Only one story adventure can be open at a time. That is, if you have travelled to Bierce's location and the countdown has started, you will not be able to start the Saving Granthill adventure until you have completed all the quests or the TIMER runs out in Bierce's adventure.

If you haven't started Bierce's adventure yet, you can choose which story adventure you want to start first.

New rewards in addition to the old ones:

You'll get two items to improve the Ancient Totem:

** for the penultimate quest on the second location, "The actor's spaceship" 

** and for completing the story adventure in 30 days.

Other rewards for completing the story adventure in 30 days:

** Director's Roulette

** x2 Roulette Manager Engines

** Director's Stagecoach (new sled design)

** Granthill Hotel. Can house 30 workers for 3 days, who will work as effectively as 120 people.

** 30 Emeralds