Travel Items & Maps

Maps - also see Sleds

  • When you buy the plane, it no longer unlocks the whole map!

  • It still allows quick travel between lands you’ve already opened.

  • To set out to a new area, you now must craft the map for that area.

  • If you have already visited at least a single land in an area, this area remains unlocked.

  • If you have gone to the far-off lands in the last areas, all areas before it will remain unlocked.

  • For example: you have already visited lands in the Extinct Sea but have not gone anywhere else, all areas will be unlocked.

  • If you HAVE NOT been to any lands in the areas after the current area you have open, the next areas WILL NOT be open and you must craft the map.

This will help new players to follow the map in an organised manner.

If one of these areas on your map is covered in cloud then you will have to make the MAP to unlock it.

If there are no clouds then it is already open to you - you cannot make a map - you don't need one!

Where to make maps to unlock areas.

By using and following the Traveller's Diary the whole map will gradually be revealed.

Blue Peaks Valley

Unlocks for one of the very early quests during the tutorial

Khan Mires Map

Made at Darfoot in Blue Peaks Valley

Dragon Wing Map

Made at Mirage in Khan Mires

Nameless Forest Map

Made at Mirage in Khan Mires

Golden Canyon Map

Made at Greenlee in Nameless Forest

Emerald Valley Map

Made at Beorn in Gold Canyon

Extinct Sea Map

Made at Greenday in Emerald Valley

Wolf Heath Map

Made at Aery in Blue Peaks Valley

Cold Lands Map

Made at Gold Rush in Gold Canyon

To reach the lands in Klondike, special Travel Items must be loaded into the Sled. Once they are on the Sled they can only be removed manually, leave them there as they will always be needed.

Travel Items


Made in the Barn, needed for travel to many lands

Kerosene Lamp

Made in the Barn, needed for travel to many lands


Made at Aery
Needed to reach Ukhty


Made at Aery
Needed to reach Scalp, Croonty, Northern Plateau & Herra

Long Cable

Reward for quests in Mirage or can be made at Scalp if you competed Mirage before this quest was available.
Needed to reach Horton, Amber, Martu, Sunrise & Glade.

Bear Coat

Made at Khanbulat
Needed for travel to Claw and Rock,

Fur Boots

Made at Martu
Needed to reach Pandamo, Amber, Aurora, Weather Station and Northern Plateau


Swapped for at Scalp
Needed to reach Martu

Box of Candles

Swapped for at Scalp
Needed to reach Aurora & Northern Plateau


Swapped for at Khanbulat
Needed to reach Woodside & Forgotten Trail

Hunting Knife

Only available for completing “Rabbit” quest at Woodside
Needed to reach Glade & Forgotten Trail


Made at Aery
Needed to reach Arnica, Utopia, and Gunnar

Salt Cellar

Made at Arnica
Needed to reach Nord-Pas & Utopia


Made at Nord-Pas
Needed to travel to Weather Station, Sol, Dune, Gunnar, Gold Rush, Machaon, Terra & Alderra

Panama Hat

Swapped for at Caldos
Needed to reach Sol, Dune, Gunnar, Gold Rush, Southern Reach, Machaon, Greenday, Strangeville, Morra & Terra

Box of Matches

Only available after completing “The Black Rabbit“ quest at Glade in Nameless Forest
Needed to reach Gold Rush


Made at Inti Coast
Needed to travel to Greenday, Strangeville, Morra, Terra, Alderra & Herra.

Skeleton Keys

Made at Greenday
Needed to reach Strangeville


The reward for completing quests at Indim.
Players who completed Indim before the Traveller’s Diary can make this at Martu.

Octopus Amulet

Made in the Tent on Kelonia Island. Needed to travel to Octopod Island in the Sea Adventures.