Travel Items: Snowshoes can be made at Aery

Reward for clearing Scalp is a Gift Box.

Clearing rewards are also given if you settle the land but do take all the valuable resources from the land first, you will need them.

Quest Tips

Scalp quests are quite repetitive and there are some shortcuts.

Several quests on Scalp ask you to take decorations over there, bring them home then sell them...

1. You do not have to take them to Scalp, load and unload them at home.

2. They must be the exact same decoration you see in the quest, if the flower is red then use a red one.

3. When you sell you can sell the total amount of the cheapest item.. for example 15 gazebos and 15 flowers... buy one gazebo, load and unload it 15 times, load and unload the flowers. Then sell 30 flowers, it is cheaper than buying and selling gazebos.

Hope this makes sense.