Tephra Island

Set sail for Tephra Island and face the terrible force of an awakened volcano!

Aquata is waiting for you on Tephra Island.

Help the Shark tribe overcome the looming danger and save the people from lava.

Learn more about the islanders' history and culture and restore another symbol of the ancient union.

Permanent island in the Sea Adventures. It is situated in the new area of the sea map. 

It is available after completing the Octopod Island quest line from February 24. 

After you complete the last quest on Tephra Island, you will be able to create a settlement. After you settle the island, the sailors limit will be increased by 4 sailors.

The Lugger

A new ship is available, the Lugger. You need to craft the Lugger Blueprint to create this ship. 

There are new materials in the buildings on Forgotten Bay, you'll need these for the Lugger.

Tephra Island