Can be settled

Permanent location located in Dragon Wing available from level 29.

Read the quests carefully, completion of the quests is necessary to progress on the land. The quests for Horton will trigger when Mirage is completed, check your Traveller’s Diary!

Travel Items required: Kerosene Lamp & Long Rope

Long Rope is a reward for completing the quests at Mirage. Players who have completed Mirage already can make this at Scalp

Note: For one quest you receive a Box of Candles, these are a travel item so load them to the sled you will need them to continue your journey. Players who already have the candles need not worry about these.

Main Building

Is ready for use, this is the storage and barter building, in here you can create loud bullets

Main Task

Collect water from all Springs in Horton x9

Find and cut out 9 water sources - 25 energy each

Reward: Buff - 2 Silver Gears go to home Station storage


There are 9 wolves on the land, each one needing 25 shots

Fishing hole

Catch various useful rewards, 2 simple hooks 45 minutes.

Take the Hooks from home storage to Horton!


These will appear when Mirage has been completed or if you have done Mirage then when you first visit the land.