Rocksmore Ravine


Permanent land found in the Emerald Valley. Finally we can save Father!

Land is locked at level 65.

Quartz Sand, Gypsum and Copper are the main resources.

Follow the quests to complete Rocksmore Ravine.

Main Goal: Wild Ponies. Find and feed the 10 Wild Ponies on Rocksmore Ravine. Gift box reward goes to the Home Station storage.

Complete 6 quests

Find and build the Abandoned House

Find and build the portal to the Spirit World

Find and build 4 monuments

Find and open 4 Caches.

Barrels of Essence need to be unload MANUALLY from the sled!!

Rocksmore Ravine

Energy Consumption

31,000 energy approximately is needed to clear the land 100%. 9,500 is returned in snacks and energy bolts and about 225 full Horn collections can be found.


Main Goal (Ponies)

50% land cleared

100% land cleared

Location Map

Remember - locations of the Monoliths are different for each player!!