Travel Items

Reward for clearing Aery is an Oak Tree with a Nest. This can be placed on home stations.

Inside can be made Wild Turkeys and Wild Peafowl! Clearing rewards are also given if you settle the land but do take all the valuable resources from the land first, you will need them.

Oak Tree with a Nest

Main Building on Aery

Construction Stages

Once you find the tree you need to make several trips to bring the construction materials over. Click the tree and apply the materials you have in your sled to the tree, then go home for more.

20 Fabric + 10 Tile + 10 Slate

20 Cable + 3 Bed + 10 Chain


Materials that can be made in the completed Tree with a Nest

The Wolfed Steppe


Aery Quests

Two quests that also belong to Aery are

These do not trigger until you have competed Darfoot


The quest for Khanbulat will trigger after these last two Aery quests.