How Detectors Work

Here’s how to do it:

1) Create a Detector in the Storage building. (Detectors can be used once only)

2) Place the Detector from Storage on the land (TIP: place in the middle of the land, not along the edges)

3) Finish building the detector.

4) Wait 15 minutes for the Detector to finish scanning.

5) Look closely at the ARROW on the detector and at the light indicator.

- The ARROW points towards the useful resources deposit and the LIGHT INDICATOR shows how close you are: green – means very close, red means far.

6) To clarify the location craft another detector and repeat the previous steps, but place this one at a right angles to the first line.

7) Build a Detector on top of the deposit (after you clarify its location). If your guess is correct, your Detector will turn into a Mining Plot.

Start to mine and get useful resources like coal and clay!

IMPORTANT: Follow the arrows; the deposit will be right at the meeting point of the arrows on your Detectors.


You CAN’T build another Detector while the current one is working!

Draw imaginary lines following the direction the detector points.

Detectors take 15 minutes after activation to finish scanning.

You must wait for one detector to finish scanning (15 minutes) before you set another

Once you have determined where the two lines intersect place a Third Detector over the spot, click it and activate it.


Once you find a deposit a Mining Pit will appear, you need to build this to make it work and bring up the deposit.

More Examples

Draw the imaginary lines in the direction the Detector is pointing.

Set ONE detector let it work for 15 minutes, then set a second detector at roughly 90 degrees to the first and set it.

How NOT to use Detectors

Yes, you will eventually find the deposit if you do it this way but you are wasting some time and resources setting all these detectors.