Flower Orangery

Flower Orangery

Found in the Market for 100,000 coins, limit 1

From the Smuggler in Mazes 14, limit 1

The Flower Orangery can be bought at the market (>Farm>Hotbeds) for 100,000 coins.

The Flower Orangery can place two plants ( 2 slots) and 10 mineral fertilizers.


Upgrade to Flower Orangery

Rarely available in some temporary lands.

Mineral Fertilizer

Created in the Orangery

To be able to create X10 Mineral Fertilizer you'll need to unlock the recipe:

Rare Seeds

Rare Seeds can be obtained in exchange for a new Flower Set that falls from some flowers on timed lands.

You can grow Rare plants from Rare Seeds in the Flower Orangery: Velvet Phloxes, Purple asters, Forest Bellflower, Golden Buttercups.

To grow a plant you need 1 Rare Seed and 1 Mineral fertilizer. Timer: 12 h

You’ll get a drop box. Place it in the location, click and get valuable items and the flower decor for your home station.