Ancient Totem

We get the Ancient Totem from Herra in the Extinct Sea

Will appear in storage on Herra once all the quests have been completed.  Place it on the location (Herra) to complete the last major task.

The Ancient Totem is a unique item.  It will collect all your resources on a land and send them to the sled.

You can get it for completing all quests at Herra.  

To start collecting resources, take the Totem from the warehouse and put it on the territory of the location so that the resources fall within the radius of its action. Then click the Totem. A menu opens in which you can select the action you need.

Start collecting resources: this function allows you to collect resources from the land. Absolutely all resources in the affected area are collected, regardless of their weight until the sled is full

Move: This function allows you to move the Totem in the territory of the location.

Upgrade: This function allows you to improve the Totem, increasing the radius of its effect. This requires the RUNE received for clearing 100% of Herra (it goes to Home Storage).

Clear 100% of Sanderra, open the gift box and get another Rune to upgrade again!

You can only improve the Totem on the home station, because Runes can not be loaded into sleds and transported.

Move the Totem to Storage: this function places the  totem into storage. From here it can be loaded in a sled and transported to any other location or to home station. It is unloaded manually from the sled, as inventory. At home you will find it in Storage/Other the tab.

Note: The totem can be used in any locations, including temporary lands. (can not be used for Railway lands)

Lost Totems

The totem cannot be lost but you can forget where it is.


Sled Artifcat Tab

Home Storage - Other tab

Observation Tower - search storage for the word Ancient or Totem

Visit lands you've recently been working on - you may have left him on the land

If all fails you need to contact support, they will find him for you but please do the above steps first, it takes time for support to find him. 

Totem Upgrades