Pigs & White Gold

Raising birds is a great way to earn XP, coin and collections but not all birds are born equal. 

Check out the guide below to choose the birds you want to raise.  Some birds even give Gold and White Gold!!  Pigs have been included here too as they also give White Gold. 

The best and easiest way to raise your birds is in a Hennery, but new players will need to raise them free range. Check here for simple way to start your birds and earn coins.

You cannot have more than 500 free range animals (birds + animals) on a land at any one time, your game will crash if you have more, beware of rabbits, which do breed like rabbits! 

Cost to raise birds is based on raising 50 in the Hennery and using the 75 Red Currants + 20 Fire = 35 Compound Feed recipe.

For a handy table showing which birds give which collections click here.