The 16th and last land on the way to Dawson - we will be at Dawson soon. 

Available at level 50

Gold Bottom will close 24 hours after reaching Airport, make sure you have removed all you want from this land.

Storage is already here, shared with the home station. 

The Bonfire is still here to make energy snacks


Find the Forester's House

Inspect the Forester's House and find the Key

Open the Village Gates

Restore the broken Aerials

There are 3 broken Aerials to find and repair

The materials need for repair can be found in the 6 boxes found on the location

Find Sean

Keep clearing until you find Sean

Find where the stolen boxes are stored

Find where the stolen boxes are stored

Plant the Pyrotechnic Charges in the Power Station to scare the bandits and turn off the fence.

Find all spare parts hidden in the chests with stolen pieces.

Open the gates to the Airport

Find the Damaged Airplane

Construct Rails to the Depot

9 rails

Build the Depot to make Airplane Panels

Fix the Workbench to make the Airplane Engine.

Repair the Flight Radar to make Airplane Gauges 

Repair the Damaged Airplane

Construct the Rails to the Tunnel

5 Rails 

Build the Railway Tunnel

Clear 100% of the land for this reward:

Train with Crafts - once the crafts are completed the Train stays as a decoration.

To clear the land 100% takes about 18,500 energy with a return of approx. 10,000 plus 150 complete Horn collections.