Spirit World

There are two ways to reach Spirit World and find Father!

1: We can complete Storm Canyon then Secret Hall and finally Spirit World (Available from level 57)

2: Complete the quests at Rocksmore Ravine to open the Spirit World. (Available level 65)

If you enter via Storm Canyon:

Secret Hall & Spirit World do NOT appear in the plane or Map - entrance is on Storm Canyon!

If you enter via Rocksmore Ravine:

Spirit World will NOT appear in the plane or Map - entrance is on Rocksmore Ravine!

Permanent Location until you settle Storm Canyon or Rocksmore Ravine. If you settle either of these lands Spirit World will disappear.

This land works on the same principle as the Railway lands, there is no storage building, all storage is shared with the Home storage.

To exit this location you must click the HOME button. 

Main Tasks

Complete 2 quests (these open when the quests at Secret Hall or Rocksmore have been completed. 

Complete the Main Goal: Memories: Find all the familiar places (5 to find)

Spirit World