Permanent land located in the Nameless Forest.

Available from level 52

This is a Key Land, it appears in the Traveller’s Diary, you need to complete the lands that come before Greenlee

Follow the questline it will guide you through the land.

NOTE: Compass, Sleeping Bag and Rope Ladder are now not needed to travel. You can sell them from Storage! Don’t worry; it has been replaced with Tent/Kerosene Lamp when needed.

Continuation of the quest to find Father, this is a critical land in the Traveller’s Diary.

One Main Goal:

Tags of the Shaman: Find all the Ritual Stones (13 stones)

New materials and resources

Sleepberry bushes, chop for the berries needed to put the Bear to sleep.


Box with Apples, made in the Tent

Frozen Tree Bark

Grizzly Bear Fur

Box with Grapes, made in the Tent


Main building ready for use


Use the Observation Tower for recipes.

Golden Canyon map

Box with Apples

Box with Grapes


First Test

Get the grizzly bear fur

1. Find a Grizzly bear.

2. Feed the bear with the Sleepberry fruit and put it to sleep.

3. After 1 hour collect the bear fur.

Second Test: Courage

Extract the bark of the Frozen Tree

1. Find and cross the frozen lake (successively cut down the lake).

2. Find and cut down the Frozen Tree, 1 unit. strength.

3. Collect the bark.

Purity of the Heart:

Throw a few things into the Bottomless Well

1. Find the Bottomless Well.

2. Fill the Well. To do this, you need to toss in items from storage. Watch the gold scale on the left and keep added materials until it is full.. The more expensive the item, the faster the scale will fill.

3. After full filling of the well, the prize falls and the well turns into a decor, it is no longer possible to interact with it. A decorative well can not be taken to a home station.

Finish the test: Ritual Bonfire


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