Here he is, the mad and evil Leontius! He is finally back to his mine full of gems and gold. Though he thinks you are his companion and a part of the mine’s treasure belongs to you, he is not eager to give the resources away for nothing. You’ll have to prove you are worth it!

Here are a couple of excellent Youtube videos.

Leontius Mine is located on the Golden Plateau. To make your way here, you have to clear the rockfall in the territory behind the bridge.

Inside the mine, you will find an exciting minesweeper game.

Your task is to open all the tiles without stepping on a bomb. This will allow you to safely carry your loot out of the mine.

You get 5 free tries in the Mine every day. You can play more games, but this will cost you emeralds. The more bombs you find in a game, the cheaper your next game will be.


Reveal all the tiles without hitting a bomb.

The first bomb is free. If you hit a second bomb you lose.

There are 63 tiles in the mine, 13 of them contain a bomb. To open a tile, click on it twice.

You can mark a tile by clicking it once.

We can see that there are 13 bombs in this game, this can be handy for elimination as we near the end of the game. (Higher leagues have more bombs).

The digit in the tile tells us how many adjacent tiles contain a bomb. Only ONE of the surrounding tiles can contain a bomb. How do we know this? Because the 1 means there is only one tile with a bomb that is touching it.

Once you find it, you can safely open the rest of the tiles, they don’t have a bomb.

With luck you may open an area without having to hit this bomb.

If no bombs are adjacent to a tile you open, the square becomes blank, and all adjacent squares will be recursively revealed which will make it easier for you to continue.

If you open a tile with a bomb, the game is over. Sounds hard? No worries, Klondike Admins will rescue you from the 1st bomb.

(Note: if the first bomb in the game was revealed automatically, the first bomb you stop on will be fatal. The Admins only rescue you from the very first bomb in each game.)

In most cases you can deduce where the bombs are.

If you are stuck with no clue of where the next bomb is you can ask Leontius for help. He will show you one of the remaining bombs. The less bombs remain, the more expensive the hint is.


As 2 of the adjacent tiles are already marked as containing bombs (and the digit inside the central tile is 2), you can safely open the 3rd tile. There is no bomb there.

Following the same principle, you can safely open all the closed tiles inside the marked areas from this picture.

As you see, the tiles we opened are indeed bomb-free. The bomb signs you see in the picture APPEARED AUTOMATICALLY without our clicking on those tiles. (Under no circumstances should you click on a tile that you suspect conceals bomb!).

Let's move on! Check all the tiles adjacent to the ones with a digit, in most cases you can deduce where the bombs are. If you are stuck, trust your intuition or ask Leontius for help.

It’s a victory!

Your loot contains XP, coins, energy, gold nuggets, collection pieces and many different resources.

In addition, each victory will give you some horseshoes that will improve your position in the LEAGUE.


The faster you win a minesweeper game, the more horseshoes you get.

Horseshoes determine your position in the weekly top of the best minesweepers.

The results of all your games are added up.

You can check your position in My League tab of your Achievements.

Top 10% of minesweeper game participants make it to the next League every week.

Results are drawn each Sunday night (00:00 PDT). So, every week 10% of all minesweeper players will pass to the next League.

Those who made it to the next League can still play the minesweeper game at Home Station and the settlements of all the previous leagues, but they won’t be getting any horseshoes for doing so.

In order to play in a new League you need to become the best in the previous League and turn the land where your target League is held into a Settlement.

New Leagues will be appearing in Klondike every now and then. So far there are 5 Leagues available (at Home, in Ukhty, in Polar-Side, in Khanbulat, in Sunrise, and in Nord-Pas).