Permanent location in the Eternal Ice

Available at level 75 after completing Crystalium.

Please note: Crystallium can’t be settled yet! (no new settlements with this update).

Set out for Northridge to find unexpected allies and conquer the ice ridge!

Enjoy the new permanent location in the Eternal Ice: Northridge!

Arrange a rescue operation and a chase with a shoot-out.

Find a way to cross the ice ridge!


Help the Head of Goldberry in Northridge, Healing warmth, dig up the fire pit in northridge, take some rest, gather some dry wood, start a fire, the salvation, find the freezing ones and free them from the ice in Northridge, gather the Freezing ones around the Fire Pit and light a fire, rebels, find the bandits in northridge, the negotiations, searching on the ice, find the crossbow in Northridge, repair the work, find and collect all mountain climber's Kits in Northridge, use the crossbow to secure the rope, horned and fluffy, food supplies, the camp,Take some restGo to NorthridgeA findHelp the Head of Goldberry in Northridge.The Head of Goldberry can be dug up using 40 energy.Healing warmthDig up the Fire Pit in Northridge.Cut out the objects in the marked area (100-120 energy needed).Gather some Dry Wood. Gather 200 Dry Wood from 5 trees, each requires 40 energy and gives 40 wood.Start a fire.3 stages:1) 100 Dry Wood2) 100 Dry Wood3) 3 Flame Liquids + 3 MatchesThe salvationFind the Freezing Ones and free them from the ice in Northridge.

There are 4 Freezing Ones, each requiring 40 energy.

Gather the Freezing Ones around the Fire Pit and light the Fire.
Use the Move tool to place the Freezing Ones by the Fire and light it using 15 energy.

Find the bandits in Northridge.
The task will be completed after you find the bandits’ campfire.
The negotiationsFind a cooperative bandit in Northridge.

Searching on the ice
Find the Crossbow in Northridge.

The repair workFind and collect all Mountain Climber's Kits in Northridge. There are 6 Mountain Climber's Stashes, each gives 5 Mountain Climber's Kits (30 Mountain Climber's Kits in total).Use the Crossbow to secure the rope.

2 stages:1) 40 Chains + 20 Fittings + 3 Wire Cutters
(Wire Cutters are made in Iron Valley)(1 = 5 + 3 )2) 30 Mountain Climber's Kits + 20 energy
The reward for this quest is a Crossbow Decoration, it will go to home storage. Click it make it shoot.
Major goal
Horned and fluffy Find and feed all Muskoxen.
You need to feed 28 Muskoxen, each needs 40 Pickled carrots.1,120 Pickled Carrots!! Oh my!!

The reward is a gift box containing 10 emeralds, 10 Flower Decoction +40 Energy, 4 250-energy dynamite, 150 Instant fertilizers, 150 Worms, 150 Coal, 150 Grass, 150 Clay, collection pieces, and other useful resources.Useful information1) There are 2 Rechargeable dynamites (500 energy) in the location. You can use them if you want to.
2) There are 14 bandits in the location, you can get around some of them, but some are blocking the way. You’ll need to bring Loud Bullets from other lands.
Each bandit gives 15 Food Supplies (210 Food Supplies in total) that can be used for making energy snacks in the Pot.
Pot crafts: Mint Tea +40 Energy = 5 Food Supplies + 3 Sugar (5 minutes) Gold Prospector's Lunch +60 Energy = 10 Food Supplies + 16 Tomatoes (10 minutes)
Clearing rewards- 25%- 50%- 75% - 100%
The gift box for clearing 75% of Northridge contains a housing building (The camp).It can house 10 friends for 3 days who will work as effectively as 40 people.Can be built using 12 Beds, 10 Pipes, and 5 Buffets.