Bear Fang

Welcome to the new permanent location of the White Bear Plateau: Bear Fang!

Go to Bear Fang and finally catch the main villain of Klondike!

Destroy all the Keys to seal the way back to the World of Gold forever.

Save the people deceived by Ben and stop the villain once and for all.

Available at level 75 after completing Northridge.



You can settle Stoneswick and Crystallium now.


After completing the questline Kate and Paul will become permanent free workers at your home station, like Dull Echo and Silent Shadow.

After completing Northridge, you can craft a map there of the new area - White Bear Plateau.

You need 2 Crowns for this land. Crowns are rewards from Meltonville, they can be found in storage at home location or in the Sled in the ARTIFACTS TAB. They must be unloaded manually!!