Forest Rock

Found in Dragonwing: available at level 51 after you have completed Arcane

NOTE: Compass, Sleeping Bag and Rope Ladder are now not needed to travel. You can sell them from Storage! Don’t worry; it has been replaced with Tent/Kerosene Lamp when needed.

Remember to use the Traveller’s Diary

FOLLOW THE QUESTS these will lead you through the land.


1 Major Goal

Find all 12 Ancient Columns in Forest Rock (note you just have to find these).

Expedition Camp

Find the storage building and upgrade it!  There is no storage on this land until this building is upgraded.

Follow the Quests to construct this building!!!

Construction Stages



Find and drive away the Bear (100 units of courage)

(use loud bullets + energy to scare the bear)

Boiling Lava 

There are 2 Boiling Lava, wait for the quests to extinguish them.

New resources

Lava stones

On the location there are stones for 20, 25, 35, 40 and 60 energy

Treasures from Lava Stones - Remember Combo chop = best rewards:

The medium Coal can drop Magma

Scorched Wood

The medium Coal can drop Magma

You MUST take the Medium Coal deposits home and unload them to get Magma.

New Material


From Burnt Trees and Lava Stones.  Magma is rare, it comes from the Medium Coal when you chop Burnt Trees and Lava Stones.  

Burnt Trees give 2 types of Coal, one with Magma and one with a lot of energy.


Forest Rock Quests