Forgotten Bay

This is our HOME station for the Sea Adventures

Forgotten Bay is your home location in the sea adventures.

Home station rules apply to Forgotten Bay: you can’t use Combo-chop, dynamite or ask for your partner’s help.

You don’t have to clear Forgotten Bay, it’s up to you, but anyway you don’t need to rush, there’s no clearing reward, and the bay will not disappear.

Use the underlined links for more information!!

(Check the market for some new clothes)

Q &A

I can't find the Tropical Greenhouse, where is it?

Market/Farm/Seeds page 1

Special Buildings

Trader Wagon

This is where we can get our first Silvers, a new currency used for Sea Adventures.

Just like our Blue Peaks Valley home Station we need to hire workers. We have to hire Sailors, we can't hire neighbours. But first we must have housing for them.

Full guide to using the Tavern

Unfortunately (or luckily) you can’t get drunk or start a fight in Klondike’s Tavern :) However, it’s a very useful building. The foundation is already built, you just need to restore it.

This is where we hire Sailors to work for us. Click the Tavern or the heading link for the full guide.

Full guide to building and using the Yacht

The ship is like the sled with sails instead of dogs :) You make it in the Shipyard building. Building the Yacht is complicate and is a big build, it will take time.

This is a new building for your Home Station, exchange gold here and make jewellery needed for the Trader on Forgotten Bay.

Factories and special buildings

Just like the housing we have special production buildings on Forgotten Bay.
Yes, there is a quarry and sawmill to help clear the land. You cannot use dynamite here.

Factories in the order of building. Don't start a Factory until your quests tell you to or you need the materials.


Sails Manufacture



Cooper's Workshop




Fruit Press



Fish Stall


Tropical Greenhouse


Fresh Water warehouse



Yes, there are a whole lot of new materials for these lands. As you start out materials from home will be used, but later you will need to collect and craft materials from the lands and in the Production Buildings.

Kraken Bridge

I want to cross the Kraken Bridge. Where can I find the pearls for it?

You’ll get 2 Pearls of the Kraken after you complete the final task on the Selvil Isle.

You have to load them to your ship, bring them home (SEA PORT) and unload them MANUALLY. The pearls are in the Cargo tab >> Artifacts.

You cannot finish the bridge yet. You can only do 1 level.

This is not a race, take your time and observe all the new buildings and materials. Here are some tips:

You can now produce Steel Cable in your Steelworks, you will need this for the Yacht, but no hurry, you are a long way off yet.

You will need a lot of Oranges, they are used for Provisions for the Sailors, so get these started, wait for the quest to grow Mango.

New building on Blue Peaks, the Jewellery Shop, some items from here are used in the Trader Wagon, but they won't appear until you have built the Yacht.

Materials from Forgotten Bay cannot be gifted.

Watch out for the Seagull, you can click it for rewards.

Sea Water

You can find this while fishing in the Bay.