Darfoot is in Blue Peaks Valley and available after completing the last quest at Polar-Side

To travel to Darfoot you need the Tent and Kerosene Lamp installed on your Sled.

Progression through the land depends on completing the quests one by one.

New Resources

Amber deposits

There are 13 deposits on the land, these can be chopped with the help of the Archaeologist’s House which works just like the Sawmill and Quarry or they can be removed with dynamite.

Diary Page found in Amber deposits

Forest Hut

Is the main building on Darfoot, here you will find many common recipes from all the lands in Blue Peaks in one place


Map of Khan Mires. Unlocks once all the quests have been completed.


Build the Lodge;

Find and extract 13 amber deposits;

Complete 8 quests;

Complete the Major goal: Total Recall.

Major goal: Total Recall

Find and restore all Familiar places (5 places)

Reward: Gift box can be found in Storage/Other

First Familiar Place

8 Rope + 1 Diary Page

Second Familiar Place

5 Tinplate + 1 Diary Page

5 Cotton + 10 Water + 1 Diary Page

Third Familiar place

3 Saw +1 Diary Page + 6 Cable

3 Veneer + 2 Diary Page

Fourth Familiar place

8 Beams + 3 Horseshoes + 3 Diary Pages

Fifth Familiar place

3 Cages +10 Tinplate + 2 Diary Pages

10 Gravel + 5 Shelving + 2 Diary Pages


Archaeologist’s House

6 Beams + 15 Glue


Darfoot Quests