Isle of Aguado

The permanent island on the sea map

Go to the Isle of Aguado and learn more about the past of the mysterious archipelago!

Go to the uninhabited Isle of Aguado!

Find traces of the ancient civilization that once inhabited the archipelago!

You can visit this land when all quests at Seville Isle have been completed.


New orders waiting time in the TRADER WAGON is now 1 and 5 minutes instead of 5 and 15 minutes respectively.

More sea COLLECTIONS were added to cut-out objects on the islands (including underground levels).

Now you can find SILVERS while cutting out objects on the isles!

Sailors do really enjoy working for you, so HIRING in the Tavern is now 25% cheaper!

Stocking up on PROVISIONS became easier. Now, the craft at the Shipyard requires 10 oranges instead of 20.

The port MARKET offers new ORANGE SEEDS. Get some and grow oranges in your Tropical Greenhouses. (You need the ORANGE GROWING GUIDE first from the underground lake on Aguado)

The YACHT can now sail longer: up to 160 km, which means 8 days instead of 7.

If you settle the Isle of Aguado, you'll get +3 to your SAILORS LIMIT in Forgotten Bay.

After you complete all the quests on Aguado, you'll be one step closer to crossing the KRAKEN BRIDGE Bridge: 2 Pearls are hidden in the underground lake on the new island. You will also find a new ORANGE GROWING GUIDE there.

Clear the Isle of Aguado and get the PORT GARDENER. Well, you can grow fruit in Tropical Greenhouses, but don't forget that trees in the bay give precious sea COLLECTIONS. Who wants to take care of all those mango trees and coconut palms alone? Let your gardener do it for you!