Travel Items

Travel Items required: Kerosene Lamp & Gun

Rifle: reward for completing quests on Indim. Players who have completed Indim can make this at Martu

Permanent location located in Dragonswing, available from level 47.

Read the quests carefully, completion of the quests is necessary to progress on the land.

There is also a Cave on this land

You will get an Ancestors' Amulet from the Cave, this will stay on your Sled when you unload the sled. Leave it there, you will need it later.

Storage building, no recipes on this land

Main Task

Reward: Buff - Golden Monocle goes directly to storage at home Station

Main Task in the Cave

1 match needed for each torch.

Reward 3 Cheesecakes


These will appear when Indim is completed or when you first visit the land. Remember you can get the Rifle (travel item for completing Indim or make it at Martu). There are two quests for Yuton and




Yuton Cave

Approximately 4,500 energy needed to clear Yuton, you get back about 2,000 energy in the form of energy snacks plus about 30 complete Horn collections.

Reward for clearing 100% of Yuton : 1 (250 energy dynamite)

Approximately 11,500 energy needed to clear Yuton Cave, you get back about 700 energy in the form of energy snacks.

Reward for clearing 100% of Yuton Cave → video link