Kelonia Island

Permanent island on the sea map.

Set out for Kelonia Island to learn the truth about the ancient union of the archipelago peoples!

Meet Aquata on the unexplored island of Kelonia!

Meet the chieftain of the local people and convince him you're right.

Find the forgotten cradle of the archipelago peoples and solve the mystery of the ancient union!

What’s new in the sea:

The YACHT can now sail further: up to 200 km. Also you can now load up to 1200 kg.

Buildings in Forgotten Bay are 20% cheaper now.

- Kelonia Island settlement will add +4 to the sailors limit in the bay.

Clear Kelonia Island and get the Fisher's Hut: a building to collect from fish and crab traps in the bay.

Selvil Isle update: Fresh Water Storage building stages now require 10, 20, 30 Fresh Water (used to be 25,35,45).

You can visit this island after you complete Aguado.

The Island has two levels: Kelonia Island and Island of Unity

Storage building: a Tent, you don’t need to build it.