Set out to Monterra, a new permanent land in the Extinct Sea!

Join Jones' Ford expedition and reveal the mystery of the ancient Temple of the Two-Faced!

Solve clever riddles, light the Ritual Fire and put all Elemental Guardians back on the pedestal!

Travel items needed to reach Monterra

A long time ago there was the Temple of the Two-Faced in Monterra. The Two-Faced was the spirit of gates, doors and riddles. Four loyal Guardians protected him. Thousands of pilgrims flocked to the Temple, brought gifts, solved riddles and puzzles.

When the volcanoes became active, the flow of pilgrims dried up, and, according to the legend, the Guardians turned to stone.

Jones is waiting for you at the entrance of the Temple of the Two-Faced.

Restore the Temple to it's former glory

Temple of the Two-Faced



There are 7 Gates in the location. You need 1 Chisel to open each Gate. Some gates can be opened at the certain point of the storyline, others can be opened when you solve the riddle.

When the Temple is restored, you need to catch up with Jones who went away searching for the Guardians. You’ll find him at the Guardian’s Gates. The visual clue for the first riddle can also be found there. The second clue is in the same area.


There are 4 Guardians at the location, follow Jones to find them. Solve the riddles and find the Guardians.

Elemental Guardian First Riddle

Find the six stones with symbols, they have 3 positions. You need to rotate the stones to match the combination from the clues. There are TWO clues, you need both clues to solve the puzzle.

Solution can be found at the bottom of this page..

Each rotation requires 1 Millstones.

Once the riddle is solved the Gates of the first Elemental Guardian open.

You need to take the Guardian and place him on the Elemental Pedestal near the Temple. This completes stage one of the Elemental Pedestal

Elemental Guardian Second Riddle

Find the 4 statues, each is a riddle! Read each riddle carefully and answer correctly

First Statue’s riddle: Things look bigger in my sight, and I can make them ignite!


1. Lens — correct

2. Spyglass

Second Statue’s riddle: Fire burns inside of me, I'll explode, don't set me free!


1. Red Extract

2. Flame Liquid — correct

Third Statue’s riddle: Iron boots of four-legged buddy bring good luck to everybody.


1. Horse Shoes— correct

2. Weather Vane

Fourth Statue’s riddle: Tunes and whistles live inside. Hush! Wings flap and songs will fly!


1. Cage

2. Nesting Box — correct

If you answer correctly the gate to the Guardian will open

Elemental Guardian Third Riddle

Set the poles correctly

Clue can be found near the poles

7 Retractable Poles needed to be set as shown in the clue.

Each change of the position requires 1 Fittings.

Solution can be found at the bottom of the page...

Elemental Guardian Fourth Riddle

Light the Ritual Fire

It will NOT light the first time!!

Collect Warmbloom Fruits found near the Ritual Fire

The next gates open once the fire is lit.

Complete all building stages of the

Elemental Pedestal.

The last Riddle

Rotate the Pedestal - 1 Winch

Once it is in the correct position the Elemental Pillar can be activated

onemade at Sanderra

Rewards for clearing 20%, 40%, 60% and 80% - Guardians

100% Two-Faced temple

About 41,500 energy is required to clear the land 100%. Return is approximately 14,000 in energy plus 200 complete Horn Collections.

Main Goal


Solution Riddle 1

Solution Riddle 3