Sea Adventures FAQ

A whole new World to explore! A new World of adventure.

Forgotten Bay

Is a NEW HOME station complete with new islands, new buildings, collections and a new currency! Items from home cannot be moved here.

We must complete Rocky Coast before we explore this amazing place.

See the Klondike Game Fans page release

How can I get to Forgotten Bay?

To get access to exciting sea adventures, you need to complete the Rocky Coast first. Captain Hamilton will give you the COMPASS needed to go to Forgotten Bay.

The way to Forgotten Bay is under the bridge at your home station.

You'll get a new compass when you finally build the Shipyard and this can be installed on your new Yacht to travel to the next land there. This is NOT the Navigator for your Sled.

How can I get back home from Forgotten Bay?

The Home button is in the lower left corner, near the partner icon

I can't see Rocky Coast on the map, where is it? Have I done it?

Rocky Coast was released earlier this year. It was a special timed land. Once you complete all quests there the timer started, then the land disappears after 7 days so you cannot see it on your map! BUT THIS COMPASS will be in your storage!

What is this Forgotten Bay?

Forgotten Bay is your home location in the sea adventures.

Home station rules apply to Forgotten Bay: you can’t use Combo-chop, dynamite or ask for your partner’s help.

You don’t have to clear Forgotten Bay, it’s up to you, but anyway you don’t need to rush, there’s no clearing reward, and the bay will not disappear.

What should I start with?

Don’t worry, Captain Hamilton will meet you in Forgotten Bay, he’ll teach you everything a true sailor should know.

How do I get my stuff to Forgotten Bay?

You don't need to take anything.

Where is my storage on Forgotten Bay?

You can access your storage via the Storage icon, it’s the same storage you have at home.
Please note that not all home station objects can be placed in Forgotten Bay, and not all objects from the sea lands can be placed at home.

What are Silvers?

Sailors value this currency more than any treasures, so to hire sailors you’ll need silvers. You can get your first silvers by completing orders in the Trader Wagon. Items used in the Trader Wagon are taken from Home Storage.

Visit neighbours at the Bay, the best items to click are the House with a Veranda, the Lighthouse and the Seahorses we get from Selvil island. Ask your neighbours to put these out on the Bay and also at home Station. The give a nice reward of Silvers and Energy.

Who are Glenn Dickson and Jerry Harrison?

They are your sea-mates and neighbors :) Just like Silent Shadow and Dull Echo at your home station.

I need to build a Bungalow, where is it?

You can get it at the sea Market >> Buildings >> Housing.
Explore the market here, there are new housing buildings and factories plus tabs for Farm, Ships, Decorations and Special items.

What can I do in the Tavern?

Unfortunately (or luckily) you can’t get drunk or start a fight in Klondike’s Tavern :)

However, it’s a very useful building. The foundation is already built, you just need to restore it. You can HIRE and FIRE Sailors (workers) here!

Hire workers

Free and occupied beds

Choose a contract

Workers Tab to check all your workers

What is the Sailors Limit?

The bay can house a limited number of sailors. You can increase the limit by creating settlements on the neighbouring islands.

Why can't I buy more houses?

You have a Sailors Limit, this limits the housing you can have. You can not have more 'beds' than your Sailors Limit.

Can I hire my neighbours in the port?

No, you can visit your friends’ sea stations, dig there to find some useful items (and even silvers!), but only experienced sailors can work in the port.

Can I collect hides on my neighbour's port?

Yes you can but you must go home and hire the person, then go back to the port and visit them from there.

I went to my friend's sea station and I can't get back home?

Just click the ‘To the port’ icon:

What is this bird flying over the bay?

Click on the Seagull and it will give you some XP, perhaps Silvers and the feather collection, the All-purpose Lure from this collection can be used in the Fish Stall.

What new plants can I grow in my port?

You can see all new seeds and plants at the sea Market >> Farm >> Seeds/Fruit Trees:

Where can I find new collections and what they give?

You can find all the info in the description of each set, just the same as your home station at Blue Peaks Valley.

I have lost my Compass! What should I do?

The only way to lose the compass is to manually unload it in a location and leave it there. But don’t worry, you can make a new one at the Shipyard.
You won’t be able to make it if you already have one.

Can I use my Totem (collector guy) in the sea locations?

Yes, you can :)

How do I use the Yacht?

The ship is like the sled with sails instead of dogs :)
You don’t need to hire sailors for your ship, but you need to pay them and give them something to eat.
You need Silvers (not dog food) for one travel day, these are the Crew's pay.
The Yacht has a limited load capacity plus all the other information on your normal sled.
Each sailor needs 1 portion of Provision per day. You can make Provisions at the Shipyard. You can also buy Provisions at the Market for emeralds (Ship >> Provisions)

Will Buffs work at the Bay?

Ponies, Gear and Seal buffs all work at the Bay. See Buffs here

I’m ready for the high seas! What should I do?

Click the Map icon on your screen and you’ll see the sea map :)

As you start exploring the sea more areas will open.