Croonty & Mountain Tunnel

Once you complete Croonty you no longer need to go all the way around Crooty Ridge to reach Golden Canyon and the lands beyond. Therefore this land is well worth completing as soon as you can do it, the saving in food and kilometres travelled is well worth the effort!

This is a very hard land to clear, but it does give a lot of energy back and about 200 horn collections

A permanent location on Croonty’s Ridge  [This is the mountain Range to the North West of your Home Station] .  Available from level 65.  

There are supplies scattered around the land in Croonty.  Do NOT collect them until you receive the quests.  There are 12 quests above ground and 15 quests underground.  

Once complete, Croonty can be settled and can be used to access the lands on the other side of the Mountain Range.  Once settled Mountain Tunnel will disappear forever.

Main Tasks

Find and build key construction:  Abandoned house.

Find Supplies (Do NOT gather supplies until you get the quests). There are 5 quests to gather supplies.

Find and remove (Build)  4 obstacles.

Complete all 12 quests for Croonty

Follow the quests carefully

Main Task:  Find the Elevator 

Build the Elevator and descend into  Mountain Tunnel

Croonty & Mountain Tunnel