Northern Plateau

Very HARD land, a challenge for the brave at heart!!

Available at level 85!!

Quests begin when you first visit the land.

A new PERMANENT land in the Cold Lands.

There are TWO locations in North Plateau: a regular location and an underground location!!!

IMPORTANT: Closely follow the quests to explore North Plateau!

Do not make supplies in the Foundry until you reach the quest to do so!

To complete North Plateau you need to have opened Khanbulat, Strangeville, Machaon, Ukhty, Arnica, Inti Coast & Caldos.

Northern Plateau

When you have cleared the land 30% you will receive 5 Lemon Powder Buffs, these go directly to your storage at home.

Used to speed production in the Bakery

Video Links:

Opening the Caches

Clear the location 100%

Gift Box for clearing the Treasury 100%