Asagho Island

A new island in the Sea Adventures, travel to Forgotten Bay to sail to Asagho!

Asagho Island becomes available after completing Cetacea Island.

Set out to the Asagho Island and restore the forgotten knowledge of the Marlin tribe!

Meet Aquata on the Asagho Island.

Help the Marlin tribe find another source of food.

Summon real rain with an ancient ritual!


For one week only, ship upgrades, silvers, and other items at Forgotten Bay Market became more affordable!


To craft the bracelet, you'll need solid gold and hand saws.

Solid Gold can be created in the Jeweller's Workshop at your home station. If you don't have this workshop, you can buy it at the Market.

Hand Saws can be obtained by completing orders in the Trader Wagon in Forgotten Bay.

After you complete the last quest on Asagho Island, you will be able to create a settlement there. After you settle the island, your sailors limit in the bay will be increased by 4.

A restart of the Spring Nest marathon starts simultaneously with the release of Asagho Island, .

Asagho Island