Birthday Spinners

Each year, to commemorate the launch of Klondike, players receive a gift of ONE  spinner which is a daily roulette. 

Facebook and the Portal work differently!!


Collect your new spinner from your Gift Box and place it on your station.  This spinner will have 1 written on it once you place it and build it. 

You can accept the Roulette from your gift box until January 26, 23:59 2023 PST. After this time, it will disappear and will no longer be available. Make sure you log into the game and ACCEPT the roulette before it is gone! 


Gold Year - 1st spinner - can now be upgraded to 10

Crystal Year - 2nd spinner - can now be upgraded to 9

Diamond Year - 3rd spinner. - can now be upgraded to 8

Emerald year  - 4th spinner - can now be upgraded to 7

Industrial Year - 5th spinner - can now be upgraded to 6

Year of Change - 6th spinner - can now be upgraded to  5

Rainbow Year - 7th spinner - can now be upgraded, it is number 4

Jade Year - 8th spinner - can now be upgraded.  It is number 3

Crazy Year/Gold Year - 9th spinner - Can now be upgraded to number 2.  

10th spinner - can be built only.  It is now number one

As you upgrade your existing spinners the number on it will change, therefore Gold Year becomes number 9.  

The new spinner, will be number 1. 

Portal Game

The spinner from last year does not get upgraded. Each year’s spinner is unique. Last year’s spinner had 1 on it and it will stay this way. This new spinner has no number on it. 

Portal spinners will stay this way,  unique design, no upgrades, new unique spinner every year.

Birthday Spinners