Mega Shovels - Visiting

Q: What is this ‘Mega-shovels’?

It’s a new feature in Klondike! It’s here to stay and is in no way required to be used in the current update.

You can find them at the Market -> Buildings -> Expansions

Q: How is it different from regular and Golden Shovels?

The Mega-shovel will allow you to continue to dig for treasures and energy on your neighbors lands even when you’re out of other shovels. And even if your neighbors’ daily 300 treasures have already been taken, you can still dig at their land using Mega-shovels.

It also can be used after you’ve reached your 1000 Golden Shovel limit!

Q: I have regular, golden and mega-shovels… in which order will they be used up?

Your shovels will be used up in the following way: regular, golden then mega-shovels.

Q: Is it something I MUST use?

Nope! It’s just an additional feature we brought to the game.

Recap on maximum limits

You can use 300 free shovels each day

You can use 1000 Golden Shovels a day

You can use unlimited Mega-shovels a day

Each neighbour's land can be dug on only 300 times each day (all visitors) - Mega Shovels over-ride this limit

Remember any bonus shovels that drop while digging are added to the daily 300 allowance.

Silent Shadow & Dull Echo can be dug 300 times by each player.


Mega shovels are for those players that who to dig more than the 300 blue and 1000 golden shovels per day or dig in neighbors lands that have had their 300 dig sites already removed. If you are getting the pop up it means that the neighbors land you are on has already had 300 dig sites removed.

If you don't want to see the pop up to buy shovels when you visit your neighbors you could try refreshing your game before you start visiting. This will ensure that your neighbors bar correctly reflects those neighbors that still have digs available.

Refresh your games and then look at your neighbors bar for a neighbor that has the small golden shovel in the upper left corner of their picture. This icon indicates that this neighbor still has digs available.