Permanent Location located in the Dead Sea. Follow the quests to complete the location.

Gypsum, Basalt, Cinnamon are found here.

Travel Equipment


Find and build the Temples of the elements: Temple of Fire, Temple of Water and Temple of Wind

Complete all 12 quests

Micro Goal:

Runestones Find 35 Rune stones - reward: dynamite x500

Sanctuary of the Lost Whales, find the ancient totem of the Moriori and set it on the location. (Place it on Herra)

Clearing Rewards

There are two clearing rewards one for clearing 50% of the land and one for clearing 100%

Ancient Totem

This is a totally new unique addition to the game. The Totem will collect chopped resources on any land

Use the Rune found in the clearing reward 100% to upgrade the Totem. This will allow it to collect from a larger area.

New Materials

Flame Flower found on the land. Drops Fire essence

Gold Bar made in the Furnace

Star Chart

Made on Machaon


Made at Wind’s Song

Wire Rope

Made at Croonty

Fire Essence from Flame Flowers.


Made at Strangeville


Made on Amber

Secret Solution

Made at Caldos

Flame Liquid

Made at Strangeville


Made on Indim location

Gold Alloy. Made in the Furnace


Made at Forgotten Trail


Storage Building

Does not need building, it is ready for use immediately.

Temple of Fire

Restore the Temple of Fire

10 + 6 + 5

Light the Fire

6 + 2 + 5


Open the gates

15 + 5 + 30

2nd gate

30 + 8 + 15

Temple of Water

Restore the Temple

7 + 6 + 5

River Bed

1. 30 + 35 + 2

2. 60 + 30 + 2

3. 120 + 20 + 2

4. 60

+ 26 + 2

5. 40 + 40 + 2

Destroy the last stone:

12 + 35 + 15

Temple of the Wind


15 + 7 + 250

12 + 10 + 60

Stone Stairs


10 + 45 + 60

10 + 20 + 15


Fix the windmills so the Wind Catcher in the Temple will work (5 windmills)

First, clear the ice from the windmills. Energy needed 55

Build the windmills

5 + 2 + 6


Seeking the Lost

Ford turned out to be a weird fellow, but he had his eyes on the prize: the Sanctuary of Lost Whales. I’ve never heard of such a thing, so I readily agreed to help him.

Help Ford find the Sanctuary of the Lost Whales

Happy coin

Reward: 1

The Lost City

If the Elements can open up the passage to the treasures, we have to find their sources. And I knew exactly where to look. The walls of the lost city slowly rose from the fog.

Find the First source of Elements


Reward: 60

Temple of Fire

I saw ancient ruins up ahead. Judging from the painted symbols this used to be the Temple of Fire! We have to fix it up and light the fire once more!

Restore the Temple of Fire

Fresh Grass

Reward: 200


An altar stood tall in the middle of the Temple. I’ll need some fire essence to light it. I heard that it can be made from Fireblooms in Herra

Find the fire essence to light the flames in the Temple altar.


Reward: 10

Awaking the Element

I think that this fire essence will do the trick of warming up the ancient stones and waking the Element! I said as I poured the hot liquid into the stone bowl.

Light the fire in the Temple

Red currant

Reward: 200

One Step Closer

A loud screech pierced the air. The entrance to the Sanctuary opened up a bit. I was right, the elements will open the way to the treasures! We just have to find the other sources of power.

Find the second source of Elements


Reward: 100

Temple of Water

It’s the Temple of Water! But you’ll have to break a sweat to fix it. Ford disappeared as soon as he said this. Unsurprisingly, it turned out he was right.

Restore the Temple of Water



Old Riverbed

The Temple of Water was missing.. Water! I looked around and noticed a river bed blocked by rocks. If I clear them I will be able to guide the water right to the altar.

Clear the Riverbed from rocks x 5


Reward: 5

The Last Stone

So, where’s the water? I’ve missed one big rock hiding behind a sharp turn of the river bed. Come on, rock, we’ll move you.

Clear the last rock to let the water flow.

An experience

Reward: 400,000

The Last Source

Again there was a rasp and a shout from Ford: ‘Come on! A bit more!’ The entrance to the Sanctuary almost opened, but the power of the Wind wasn’t enough to finally more the stone slab.

Find the last source of Elements


Reward: 140

Temple of Air

I see, power of the Elements! They could’ve made the buildings sturdier, at least! Jones was upset about having to wait around until I fix yet another temple.

Restore the Temple of Wind


Reward: 250

12 Catching the Elements

Wind roared and tried to spin the blades of the Little Windmill, but it just couldn’t move them. ‘I guess the wind is too light, we’ll have to make it stronger.

Fix the Windmills to start the Little Windmill in the Temple x 5


Reward: 6