Roulette Manager

  • A brand new building to help organise all the roulette buildings!! Free up space on your stations.

  • Find it in the Market ->Buildings->Special for 199 emeralds.

  • We can have only ONE Roulette Manager.

  • Roulette Manager has space for 12 roulettes, this will free up room on your Station.

  • Roulette Manager can be placed ONLY on the Home Station, it cannot be placed on Forgotten Bay. You can however add any roulettes that you have displayed on Forgotten Bay.

  • Just click the manager to add a roulette.

  • The roulette will appear in the Manager and the one on your land will go to storage - you CAN place this again on your land if you want to display it.

  • Only fully built roulettes (working roulettes) can be added to the Manager, however, roulettes that also have upgrade stages can be added if they are built, then upgraded from within the Manager. Example: Signal Tower

  • Inside the Manager are 3 tabs, All roulettes, Common and Special.

  • Common Roulettes are those with a timer, usually 24 hours.

  • Special roulettes are those that can only be used with a material, eg Pocket Singularity for the Teleport Decoration.

  • You can spin all roulettes inside the Manager, one by one. Or spin them all at once.

  • Several roulettes of the same type can be added. (The Puzzle roulettes from the Labyrinths can be placed in the Manager)

In the future a new item will be released: the Roulette Engine! With it you will be able to upgrade the manager and add more slots for more roulettes.

The Roulette Engine is NOT AVAILABLE yet.