Permanent location in the Eternal Ice

Set out for Crystalium! Explore the ice desert to discover the mysterious oasis, meet its inhabitants and find your way to the White Bear Plateau!

Enjoy the new permanent location in the Eternal Ice: Crystalium!

Find a green oasis in the snow and meet its inhabitants!

Discover what happened in that land and find a way to the White Bear Plateau!

Available at level 75

Goldberry, Wallbridge, Meltonville, and Skylight can now be settled

The Eternal Ice area map is made in Stoneswick:

You need this map to unlock the location!!

3 Furnaces + 5 Buttermilk = New area map

Warning!! Storage

Storage is already built but NOT VISIBLE!!
You can unload your airship but you cannot open your storage until you uncover it!! You can of course access your energy normally.