Blue Peaks Valley

This is where the adventure begins! Right here at the Home Station in Blue Peaks Valley.

While exploring do not forget the quests in the Adventure Tab.

Chapters you should pay special attention to are “Blue Peaks Valley” “Tigroid Nugget” “Expedition” “Road to the East” & “Moonwell”

The Sled can be upgraded at Wind's Song, Aery & Polar Side. Upgrading the sled will give a larger range and capacity and it is well worth the effort to do these lands as soon as you can. The last two sled upgrades are done at Indigo and Meltonville* quite a long way to go yet!

Wind's Song
Polar Side
Old Depot
Oil Fields

Oil Fields

This is a timed land, the timer will begin when you first visit the land and will end 14 days later.

Croonty and the Mountain Tunnel.

Two more lands are included in the Blue Peaks Valley map, however these are actually on Croonty Ridge. Croonty is very import.


Permanent/Timed land appears on the map. The timer begins once you visit the land for the first time.

Deju Vu

Special land! Timed and will disappear 14 days after your first trip here. Main resource is Coal - no guide for this land - lvl 30

Diamond Land

No buildings or quests here, just a land to find resources on. There is no guide for this land. It can not be settled.

Rocky Coast

This land is very close to our Home Station, just across the water. This is a special timed land.