South Granthill

Re released as part of Saving Granthill, a story adventure released on 30 November 2023.

There is no TEAM COMPETITION this time round. The Merchant Airship is not part of the re-release  

Information in the guide may be inaccurate.

Available from May 19 until June 8, 23:59 PDT

Set out to South Granthill and help Zeke Asher gather a filmmaking dream team!

Set out to South Granthill and get ready for filming with Zeke Asher!

Help friends and locals of Granthill make their first steps in filmmaking.

Reveal the great secret of the owner of the Farm of the Future, Mr. Avery Moore.

South Granthill and Farm of the Future (2 levels) 

Sam’s Ranch

There is also the third level (Sam's Ranch), it’s not a part of the questline, but you can access it through the Cart to Sam's Ranch on the first location.

South Granthill