Set out for Holdendale and help Achille de Rastignac start soap production!

Go to Holdendale to launch a soap factory!

Meet the talented hermits.

Make the best soap in Klondike for the local miners.

Available from level 75

Located in the Emerald Valley

Look for it in the lowest part of your map, to the right of Rocksmore Ravine.

Emerald Valley Map can be crafted in Beorn in Golden Canyon. The Emerald Valley map must be crafted to open this area.

You must have reached Emerald Valley to see this land on your map.

Remember: you don't need to rush, this land won't disappear, so take your time and enjoy the expedition at your own pace

Useful Information


The location Northridge can now be turned into settlements after completing the last quests of these locations.

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