How to use the Yacht

The Yacht is like a sled with sailors instead of dogs :) Sailors need to be fed provisions and are paid in Silvers..

You can see the distance the yacht/ship can travel (140km).

The maximum load it will carry (800kg)

The daily Fee in Silvers, needed for each day of travel! (30 Silvers)

The number of provisions in storage (0)

and the number loaded to the ship - 'Food reserves' (40)

REMEMBER: Turn the Auto feature on. Provisions will be loaded to the ship automatically when you return to Forgotten Bay (if you have them in storage). Check the Auto switch after updating the ship and after major new releases. It may need to be reset.


Open the map. Click the island you want to travel to and TAKE NOTE of the information displayed!

EXAMPLE: travel to Octopod Island

To travel to Octopod Island takes 8 days!

We have enough provisions for 20 days so we can get there and back again!

It will cost 240 Silvers (remember 30 a day. 30x8=240), we also need another 240 for the return trip.

Do not leave home if you don't have enough provisions or Silvers for the return trip!