Secret Vale


The land is available for 7 days once you make your FIRST TRIP there!
WARNING: do not travel to Secret Vale until you are prepared - read the guide!

The land is in Khan Mires
Available from level 30

Land is rich in resources and OIL

Prepare well before opening this land!
There is NO STORAGE on this land!! Careful - do not overload your sled!

There are 5 Oil deposits on the land

Build the Oil Derrick on each deposit to extract Oil


Cheat map... Map <-- click here

Energy requirements: About 26,000 energy is needed to clear the land. In return you get about 7,500 energy and 150 complete Horn collections.

Reward Boxes - videos

Major Goal

Clear 30% of the land

Clear 70% of the land

Clear 100% of the land