Adventures of Ragnar

(1st & 2nd land) Released 30 June, 2024

Land of the Inuit and Ancestors' Land

A new Story Adventure

Together with his wife Behitha, Ragnar set out on a journey to the north. Something was pulling him there. Some inexplicable longing that he could not admit to his wife. After a week on the road, that same longing led him to a dark man from the past. But who is that man? Find out now!

The story adventure will be available for 25 days after you first visit it.  So you can start this adventure when you're ready for it.

🔹 Only one story adventure can be open at a time.

🔹 You can't use your partner's help in story locations.

🔹 Your home storage is available in all story locations, and you don't need to transport the valuables you collect, they go directly to your storage.

! 2 of the 3 lands are available in this update. The final third land will be available after next week's update.

Adventures of Ragnar (1st & 2nd land)