Available from July 13, 2023

Set out for Judgestone and take part in the new adventure of William Bierce!

Dive into the Adventures of William Bierce and help the friends get their treasures back!

Face the toughest thieves and robbers of Klondike!

Solve the mystery of the old artifacts!

This location is the first in “The Adventures of William Bierce” series of 3 locations. The next location will be released next week.

You will have 35 days to explore this location after you first visit it. The same timer will keep working for other locations in this series (so it’s not 35 days for each location, but 35 days for all of them after you first visit the first one).

There’s no storage in this location, and the home storage is available, as in the Mazes event.

2 levels: Judgestone and Copper Mine.