Rocky Coast

Meet Captain Arthur Hamilton in a new series: Naval Adventures!

Get ready for unbelievable sea adventures near the Rocky Coast of Klondike.

Help Captain Hamilton repair his ship after a bad storm and return the supplies stolen by the bandits!

Restore the destroyed Lighthouse to guide the ships through dark nights!

You need the Tent and Kerosene Lamp to reach Rocky Coast.

This is a new type of permanent/timed land!!

The land is permanent until you complete the quest line! then you have another 7 days to tidy up before it will disappear forever! Make sure you complete the main tasks!


1) Go to Rocky Coast

2) Find the Shipwreck in Rocky Coast

3a) Set up the Repair Tent in Rocky Coast


You have completed the quests!! The timer will now begin a countdown. You have 7 days before the land disappears.

Clear the land 100% to get a gift box with useful items and a Lighthouse deco with Crafts inside.

There are also gift boxes for clearing 25%, 50% & 75% of the land, these go to home storage/other tab.

For completing the Questline you receive Ship decoration and the Compass - This will we needed for future Naval Adventures and can be found in Storage/Production Tab when needed for the next Navel Adventure.

This is the LAST quest: once this is done the timer will begin.