Mini locations: TIGER MINES

Re-release notes!!

A repeat of the last Tiger Mines with minimal changes.

Mini-lands will close 𝐨𝐧 June 5, 23:59 PDT

Some differences:

The graphics for the Wheelbarrow have changed slightly, otherwise, it is identical to the previous version. 

You can exchange prizes in the Wheelbarrow starting on June 6 and sell it after June 11

A new stage has been added to the Signal Tower.

Reduced energy intensity for lower level players (31-60 and 61-80)


All items will be the same as those from previous mini-locations. That is, if you have items from previous mini-locations in the Storage, you can use them in these mini-locations (any items to complete quests in the locations, Gold-bearing Sand to swap with the Trader, and Tigroid Gold Bars to build the Wheelbarrow).

The adventure awaits! Collect all Tigroid Gold Bars in 10 locations and fill the Wheelbarrow at the home station. The fuller your Wheelbarrow, the more awesome prizes you get! Once the Wheelbarrow is full, you will find a Hero's Medal in it! 

A series of 10 mini-locations.

Once you start the adventure, you’ll receive a Wheelbarrow. You’ll get Tigroid Gold Bars for completing each location. Use them to fill the Wheelbarrow and unlock all the crafts inside.

(1st release dates: November 29 is the last day you can visit the Tiger Mines (PST time) Released 2nd November 2023)

(2nd release dates: March 13 is the last day you can visit the Tiger Mines (PST time) Released February 15, 2024)

Mini locations: TIGER MINES