New mini lands are available! They are open to all players who have access to the map of Klondike until March 15, 23:59 PST.

🔹 You can go there via the special icon on the left side of the screen, from the home station only. 

🔹 10 mini locations are generated for each player.

🔹 Lands differ depending on your level. Lower-level players have easier lands to complete. Clearing rewards also differ according to your level. The set of prizes is  the same for everyone, but the higher the level, the more items you'll get. 

🔹 Each mini location has 1 task.

*There are 4 types of mini lands, so you'll get repeats with the same tasks, but the locations themselves will differ.

🔹 There's no storage in mini lands, all treasures you collect there go directly to your home storage. It works the same as in mazes.

🔹 You get access to the next location after you complete the task of the previous one.

🔹 At the very start, you'll receive a POLAR BEAR statue. You need to fill it with Magic Stars that you can receive for completing tasks in mini locations.

*The statue and its crafts are the same regardless of the level.

🔹 In the Polar Bear statue, you can create Roulette Manager Engines, decorations of a giraffe, cute pup, and buffalo, dynamites, energy snacks, and other useful things.

 ❗️ You need to find 3 puppies in the Millington locations to complete the Construction Trust weekly task. There's 1 pup in each land. 

Mini lands: Millington