Mazes, January 2023

Explore Klondike Mazes and find out what's hidden within the walls built in honor of the prophetic birds!

Set out for Klondike Mazes and find the legendary Prophet Bird Statue!

Find the ancient prophetic birds and open all treasuries with great rewards.

Hurry up! Mazes are open until January 25, 23:59 PST.

All Mazes can be accessed via the special icon under your Special Gifts (left side of your screen).

All tasks can be seen via another icon on the left side of your screen.

Home Storage is available in all maze lands; all cut out objects automatically go to storage.

A land is considered done when you find and open the treasury.

The winners will get a grand prize with useful crafts.

Main Mazes

4 locations that must be done in succession (one after another).

All main locations can be accessed after you move on from them.

Complete all Main Mazes and get a special reward: the Prophet Bird Statue with useful crafts.

Each maze has 15 chests with Acionide.

The Trader is in all Main Mazes, swap Acionide for gifts.

Meet the Smuggler in the Main Maze #4!

Acionide from the previous updates can be used too.

Mazes, January 2023