Foxbridge journey - Mini-locations

NEW feature

Available from November 17 to December 15, 23:59 PST

We have 28 days to complete 10 ‘Mini-locations’

Mini-locations are random so you will get repeats of lands BUT the lands will differ, the quest will be the same.

Depending on your level the lands differ too!! Lower level players have easier lands to complete!!

Clearing rewards will differ according to the level of the player. The set of resources and prizes will be the same for everyone, but the higher the level of the player, the bigger the number of each item they get. Players are divided into groups: levels 1-30, 31-60, 61-80, 81+

There is no storage building as all treasures go directly to your home storage. (Home storage is shared on these locations)

There are 10 locations in total, you get access to the next location when you complete the quest of the previous one.

When you go to the next location, the previous one closes forever.

The sequence of locations and locations themselves are generated randomly for each player. Each location has 1 quest.. There are no major goals.

You can get access to the locations through the icon to the left of your screen.

Mini-locations - Foxbridge journey