Set out for Brightstone and find thief Lady Mouse!

Go to Brightstone and find the gifts stolen right from under your nose!

Face the chaotic genius of the elusive thief!

Help the twins fix their mistakes and get closer to finding their father!


2nd part of the Christmas adventure

2 levels for 2 weeks ends January 4 midnight PST

2 roulette manager engines in clearing rewards

1 more festive building, enough Christmas Decorations to complete one Special Building, more to be had next week in part 3.

Some special building in the location (building the Christmas Tree, Toy Store, Shooting Gallery)

a number of lovely clearing rewards

Crystal Christmas Tree for the home station for the 2nd quest, the items to build it can be obtained for completing quests in the location

New sled upgrade: Falling Back +2500, available at the market for 239 emeralds (will be there forever)

Trader on the bridge at the home station, for 1 week