Mazes - 20

Mazes are available from April 21 to May 4, 23:59 PDT


- Set out for Klondike Mazes and help Lina find the way out!

- Find Sandglasses, open all treasuries, and compete for awesome rewards.


Set out on a journey through the Mazes and help Lina with her search!


Set out for Klondike Mazes and get ahead of time!

Collect rewards in all treasure halls!

Keep exploring the Mazes: each one holds many valuable rewards!

Locate Acionide Chests and collect rare gems. They will be needed to exchange for useful materials at the Merchant.

Complete all Main Mazes and get a special reward: the Axis of Chronos with useful crafts!

Set out to the Endless Mazes and take part in an exciting competition!

Competition winners will receive a super prize with useful crafts.

Collect Statue Parts and restore Maze Guardian.

The higher the level of the Maze Keeper, the more gifts you will receive.

There is a Smuggler hiding in the Mazes. He offers unique goods in exchange for Blue Acionide.